This fertility course consists of 10 weeks of 
informational-packed recordings and 
program guides, 
which will give you compressed information to 
boost fertility and 
balance your hormones naturally, all while improving egg health.
  • No More Wasted Time in Doctors' Offices
  • No More Medications, Hormones, or Expensive Procedures
  • No More Guessing About What You Should Be Eating or Avoiding

Just Step by Step Guidance and Support Along the Way

Nourished Mommy Methodology Pricing

The information contained within the Nourished Mommy Methodology program retails for at least $4,000 when working privately with a Functional Medicine Practitioner. 
For this ONE-TIME payment of only $1497
you will get all the information you need to jump-start your fertility and conceive the 
healthiest baby possible.



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*This program price can change at any time 

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"Working with Dr. Melissa has been absolutely amazing, and the best decision I have ever made."
- Amber
"My husband and I were able to conceive a healthy baby within 2 months of working with Dr. Melissa." - Mariah
"After utilizing IVF for our first baby, we didn't think we could conceive naturally. But thankfully Dr. Melissa was able to help us overcome prior infertility, and conceive a beautiful baby." - Jenna
"After using medication and progesterone to conceive, which unfortunately ended in loss, we decided we wanted to take a more natural approach. We were able to conceive just a few short months into working with Dr. Melissa, and are currently heading into the 3rd trimester with a healthy baby boy!" - Stacey
"Suffering early loss last year was very difficult. I decided to start working with Dr. Melissa ASAP, and after 6 months of working on my overall health...we are pregnant again! I feel much more comfortable about this pregnancy, because of the changes I made to my diet and lifestyle per Dr. Melissa's program." - Amy
Don't Miss This Chance!
"I created this 10 week course to help you boost fertility, and open your mind to the wonderful capabilities and healing potential that your body exhibits.  I use a 100% natural approach with all of my clients, and am able to help them transform their life and fertility using nature as medicine. I would be honored to help you along your pregnancy journey - from preconception to postpartum and beyond."
-Dr. Melissa
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